The SAS System®

SAS' technology infrastructure spans data management, analytics and reporting and gives its customers the unique ability to support all their data and BI needs within a single, integrated software architecture.

Access almost any data source

SAS software's powerful access tools can extract records from almost any source and format and read that data directly into SAS' programming environments for modelling/storing.


Once extracted, data can be transformed and stored using SAS software's impressive data manipulation language, Base SAS, or a number of development environments.

Data Storage

Purchasing other database environments is not necessary as SAS stores its own data effectively, and allows it to easily feed into a variety of powerful SAS software tools for reporting and analytics.


SAS provides leading software for the analysis and interpretation of data to reveal patterns and anomalies. It can quickly achieve new insights and answers from data and present findings within easy to use environments.


SAS software can represent findings and reports in a large variety of ways using many different presentation and delivery formats.

Metadata Driven

Modern SAS software is metadata driven which means that every software product can link together, quickly re-using all data, programs and reports in multiple environments with simple drag and drop functionality.

Our SAS Services

Clare Nicklin has 15 years experience as a SAS developer, solution consultant and SAS software advisor. During that time, she has been a senior SAS specialist and an active member of the SAS community having published several papers in the exploitation of SAS software and presented those papers at international conferences. As an experienced SAS consultant, Clare has become an expert in the SAS software architecture. It is her opinion that SAS is the most versatile and comprehensive data environment available.

SAS Consultancy and Contracting
Consultancy roles and short or long term contracts can be considered for the management and implementation of data warehousing, BI and SAS projects. We can offer guidance in planning projects, initially assessing the data and BI requirements, and expert advice at every stage of a project's lifecycle.
SAS Licensing Organisation and Account Management
Planning software requirements can be a minefield in SAS due its packages and solutions, where it can sometimes be unclear which software products are required and included with which solution. Inidimman can help plan software requirements and liase with SAS to ensure correct licensing details and procurement.
SAS Enterprise Data Integration Solutions
Expert in the development of processes to access source systems, the ETL of large quantities of data and the design of large data warehouses and data marts using the SAS Enterprise Data Integration toolsets.
SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions
Expert in the design and development of large institutional applications to prepare data, derive analytics and present information using the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence toolsets.
SAS Version Migration Management
Experienced in greenfield sites, exploring the power of SAS for the first time, as well as in the migration of SAS legacy systems to use the latest SAS versions and updated software applications.
View Curriculum Vitae for More Detail
For more specific listings of skills and experience broken down by SAS software products and programming languages view Clare Nicklin's professional CV.  Read CV

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SAS is the world's largest privately held software company. It is a world leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the Business Intelligence market.

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