MI summary

MI strategist

Advisor to and member of MI steering groups. Defined, documented and presented institutional MI strategies, short- and long-term MI architectures. Overhauled SAS legacy systems to consolidate multiple servers, operating systems and SAS versions.

MI Manager

Engages with key stakeholders and analyses institutional data requirements. Documents key deliverables and architectures. Promotes data warehouse and BI systems to secure MI adoption. Released four data warehouses to live in three years.

Project manager and experienced team leader

Full project lifecycle. Recruitment of warehouse development teams. Training plans and appraisals.

Management Information Services

MI Strategist

Clare Nicklin was instrumental in setting up an institution-wide MI steering group in her last role which contained the top managers for every department responsible for creating and using MI. As an advisor to and member of that group, she defined, documented and presented an institutional MI strategy, which was signed off by all members and cultivated a sense of data sponsorship and ownership. The strategy included long term plans for the data and software architectures of the institution's MI, including the complete overhaul of all the SAS legacy systems to consolidate multiple servers, operating systems and versions of SAS into a single, coherent architecture.

MI Manager

Clare Nicklin is adept at engaging with key stakeholders (business and technical) at all levels, and has much experience in the analysis of institutional data requirements, the documentation of key deliverables and architectures and the proactive marketing of data warehouses and BI systems to secure MI adoption. In the past, warehouse based applications have been demonstrated by using a series of proof of concept systems to present and prove the benefits and results. In her last role, Clare Nicklin planned, oversaw and managed the implementation and promotion of four data warehouses to live, including full BI layer, within three years.

Project Manager and Experienced Team Leader

Clare Nicklin has been involved in the full project lifecycle of many MI projects from the beginnings of an MI strategy to product release and support. Previous roles have required her to recruit members of warehouse development teams, create their training plans, mentor them and supervise their ongoing administrational and technical needs such as workload management and the execution of appraisals.