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Business Intelligence

Management Information (MI) / Business Intelligence (BI) specialist. 15 years as a manager/team leader and senior consultant across various industry sectors, particularly education, financial services and government & public sector. Read More

Website Development

Experienced in website technologies and software development environments for simple, effective and speedy implementation. Read More

SAS Consultancy

SAS consultant and advisor. Contracts undertaken. Expert in the migration of legacy systems and full EDI & EBI toolsets. Read More

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View Clare Nicklin's professional CV for more information on core skills and experience. Read CV

Inidimman Services

Inidimman offers a varied mix of skills and the ability to provide a wide range of technical solutions in multiple sectors using diverse IT development environments.

Management Information (MI) / Business Intelligence (BI)

Acting as a data and information architect, Clare Nicklin has been involved in a large number of applications to design and implement data warehouses, integrating disparate data sources and using standard data modelling and transformation techniques. Numerous BI systems normally access these large databases such as reporting applications, spreadsheets, dashboards and information portals. Clare Nicklin was presented an award for Outstanding Delivery by the CIO in her previous role for the management and development of a series of institutional dashboards using OLAP technology.  Read More

Website Development

A large number of todays BI systems are web based and use complicated web applications to access data and visualise information. This combined with experience in the development of smaller, business-focused websites ensures Inidimman can quickly and efficiently deliver websites of any level of complexity. Inidimman easily achieves dynamic content using JQuery and JavaScript while enhancing the design and appearance using CSS.  Read More

SAS Consultancy

As a Senior SAS Consultant and an active member of the SAS community for nearly 15 years, Clare Nicklin is available for consultancy and contract work. Such work can range from the management of large MI developments and teams to the hands-on migration of SAS legacy systems. Expertise in a large portion of the extensive SAS toolset can be offered, including most of the software in the Enterprise Data Integration and Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions.  Read More