New Releases

May 2012: released

A stylish new website for White House Cars goes live promoting existing and new areas of the business.

September 2012: released

New website for Wiltshire based engineering company is completed and published.

August 2013: Inidimman Consultants launches first app

Inidimman completes their first app containing general knowledge crosswords for children.

October 2013: New maths app published

New app published offering times table challenges and practice screens.

Main News

April 2012: Inidimman Consultants starts trading again.

Inidimman Consultants, which was originally created in 2007, is relaunched and the company organises a number of small website development projects.

June 2012: Researching mobile applications.

While working on a number of website projects, Inidimman takes a new direction and starts looking into new technologies such as the methods involved in developing mobile apps for smart phones and tablets.
August 2013: First app published.

An app for use in education to reinforce topic based learning is released. The app takes the form of children's crosswords and helps the recollection of important facts for topics in Geography, History, Science and Art.
October 2013: Another app is released

Mathematical problem solving skills are targeted in Inidimman's latest app where the speed and accuracy of times tables are improved and tested.