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Kids Crosswords
Kids Crosswords
Children accumulate a large amount of knowledge in such a short space of time. Standard school subjects and syllabus topic work teach children a large amount of information about an array of different subjects from science to medieval history.

These crosswords are designed to reinforce that learning and provide a fun way of recalling the most important facts about their subjects.
The puzzles are designed to be curriculum-based and are grouped into categories such as History, Geography, Science and Arts.

Our crossword apps can be effectively used as a classroom aid but are also great fun for those children with bright and enquiring minds who enjoy developing their general knowledge.

Two versions are available: for English UK and English US languages.

More crosswords will be published to the Kids Crosswords app in early 2014, including Natural Disasters, Zoology and Ancient Rome.
Times Table Challenges
Times Table Challenges
Calculations using multiplication are the building blocks for solving mathematical problems. Good progress in calculation speed and accuracy reinforces the skills necessary for a wide variety of mathematical subjects.

This application concentrates on multiplication, but includes division due to the simple, inverse relationship between the equations. As children become more and more able to recall their multiplication facts better and quicker, their understanding of subsequent mathematical skills also improves and they become more efficient at problem solving. There are 30 levels in this first version of the app, which become increasingly difficult as the player progresses.

A Classroom Edition is also available which allows up to 30 students to log in to the app and complete challenges. The individual progress of each student is monitored and stored, along with a Top 5 scoreboard showing the fastest practice times and the students who acheived them.
Times Table Challenges
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