What we do

Website setup, design, implementation and maintenance.

Inidimman can offer a full website development service from domain registration to maintenance. We can arrange for website hosting if required. We work closely with our clients to gain acceptance of design ideas and ensure their involvement and input at every step of the way. A wide variety of website features can be offered including the development of branding or logos and e-commerce websites offering shopping facilities.
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Management Information, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

Core knowledge at Inidimman includes helping companies derive Business Intelligence (BI) from their stored information. Business managers need fast, real-time access to accurate data through intuitive graphics which inform them of their business performance. This Management Information (MI) allows business leaders to make decisions and drive their management strategies forwards. Knowledge of data structures and appropriate software is critical.
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SAS Technical Services including Enterprise DI and BI solutions.

Inidimman provides SAS consultancy and contracting services including advice on SAS Software architectures, licensing and institutional SAS training plans. We offer expert knowledge in the full EBI and EDI toolsets, from the design and implmentation of large scale, industrial data warehouses to the graphical display of information, including dashboards and information portals. Migrations from SAS legacy systems are a core competence.
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What`s new?

Mobile Technology Development, including Educational Apps.

This year, Inidimman Consultants has branched out into the development of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. The applications published so far concentrate on educational apps for children of school age. Two Kids Crosswords apps are available (for UK and US English) which support and reinforce the learning of topics and subjects at school, including History, Geography, Science and Art. Times Table Challenges applications are also available which allow children to improve their multiplication skills by using practice screens and completing challenges. All apps are available for Android™ devices from Google Play™ and Apple devices from the App Store.
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